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Quem são os humanos?


Esse é apenas um esboço, as informações, layout, texto da história, noticias e estrutura serão montadas após a pesquisa e testes

Biologically we are a species, the human species, and we have the declaration of human rights that guarantee our rights, but who are considered human in society and that really have access to those rights

Human 05, he was a child loved by all, he lost his father to cancer at the age of five, his experience of treating his father in the hospital made him dream of becoming a doctor, unfortunately his dream was interrupted, because his skin color was like a target , born and killed in the favela, human 05 was just an isolated case, like a drop of water in the ocean.


This is not a real story, but it could be, as these real stories show.

vídeo leitura de obra

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