Pictures Fernando de Noronha

day 28/29

Sunset Bar do Meio, pigs' bay, crabs

People: Ariane and Marianna


We are a family owned and operated business.

Boat trip, landscape, shark, fish, underwater people
People: everyone who was on the boat.

day 31

Praia do Leão, viewpoint and two brothers

People who appear: Bruna, Ariane and Marianna

day 01

Bay of pigs, two brothers, stingray.

People: Ariane, Marianna, Bruna, Paola and Drika

day 02

Southeast, turtles, lobster antenna, stingray
People: Ariane, Marianna, Bruna and Catherine

day 03

Sancho and Fort Sunset
People: Ariane, Bruna, Marianna and Catherine