ELAS.ME emerged as a way of bringing together all the versions that inhabit it, the researcher, the designer, the photographer and the artist, who permeate and interact with each other, ELAS by GabrieELAS.

Born in 1992 in the state of São Paulo, she moved to Santa Catarina as a child, today she lives between Joinville and Florianópolis.




I consider myself to be where I am at the moment, because each place I went through is a part of me,



Gabriela uses the knowledge of design in photography, for her, there are 3 meanings involved in the photo, who takes it, who sees it and who appears.

In commercial photography, she uses the knowledge of design and emotional design, so that the meaning of the product (of those who appear) is compatible with the meaning of those who see it (consumer), expressing the essence and values ​​of the brand through the image .

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.

It was with photography that I realized that I perceived things differently, and that we all have a unique perception of the world, even if we try to standardize the way we see and feel.

She considers that, although it is about image, photography is not only a way of seeing, but of perceiving what is around you, if you photograph more than a moment, you photograph meanings, and these are alive and changeable, and vary from as people perceive the world, the same photo has infinite meanings, from who sees to who appears and who takes it.





Master in Design

UDESC (State University of Santa Catarina) - Year 2020

Graduation in Design

IFSC - Federal Institute of Education of Santa Catarina - Year 2017

Technologist - IFSC

Furniture Design (2015)
Utility Design (2016)
Design for Metal Mechanics Industry (2017) Packaging Design (2016)

Research Areas:

  • Emotional Design

  • Methodology

  • Physical Ergonomics

  • Cognitive Ergonomics

  • Assistive Technology

  • Creativity

  • Macroeconomics

  • Design Research

  • Usability.

Teaching Internship

The teaching internship disciplines GRADUATION PROJECT IN INDUSTRIAL DESIGN II under the supervision of prof. Prof. Dr. Célio Teodorico dos Santos and Prof. Dr. David Omar Nuñez Diban

Monitoring in the discipline of Design and Entrepreneurship under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Gabriela Mager

Monitoring in the discipline of Introduction to Graphic design under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Gabriela Mager


For her, art is a way of dealing with what she does not know how to deal with, and also a way of communicating through the subconscious, due to the influence of design in her life, this is also present in some of her artistic processes.

One of her purposes with art is to bring people closer to art, for that, she seeks that her art is understood by anyone, so that no prior knowledge about the subject or the artist is necessary for art to be appreciated.

In addition, it seeks metamorphic art, where the same work has different forms in order to adapt to analog, digital and virtual media.


Gabriela is a designer by training and holds a master's degree in design from the State University of Santa Catarina. She is passionate about design, and comments that design has shaped her way of thinking, making her question and plan according to the existing means and resources, and always placing people as an integral part of the project, working on the present meanings.