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Women in Sports


Artist: Gabriela Delcin 

Gender inequality, sexism, devaluation, abuse, the absurdities that we see athletes go through, are a reflection of what all women suffer in society.

The fight of women athletes is a fight of all women.

The struggle of women is a struggle of all women.


About the project

We are a family owned and operated business.

Photography is about looking at the world, and I see pure love in these animals. I register them to make people aware that animals age, and that many are in shelters in need of love.

We are a family owned and operated business.

I share the images on Instagram @OlharCurupira with texts related to the experience with my dog

We are a family owned and operated business.


We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The Olhar curupira project emerged as a way to deal with the mourning of the death of my dog ​​Tutu who lived with me for 19 years, after I had to decide for her euthanasia and feel her last heartbeat, the lack she made in mine life was gigantic, so it was there that I decided to visit an animal shelter as a way to get close to her, and then it was there that I saw that most of the animals that were there were elderly, as well as my beloved Tutu, but different from them they they had no family with whom they could spend their last days, so the idea came up to create the “Olhar Curupira” project as a way to raise awareness about canine aging, and also a way to get closer to my dog, as I share the photos on instagram with texts related to my experience with it.

We are a family owned and operated business.


Why do women athletes earn less, even with better performances?

Women's salary is another point that should be debated, the point that people are not interested in women's sport is unfounded. People are not interested in women's sports, because there is no investment, no visibility. Imagine boosting a post on Instagram, one that you pay $30 and the other $450, which one will have more visibility and chance to succeed? Or a company that invests $300K in one campaign and $4.5 million in another, which is more likely to succeed?

Now,  thinks that FIFA pays 30 million in prize money at the Women's Football World Cup while the Men's receives 450 million.


For a woman to be seen as an athlete worthy of sponsorship, it is not enough to be the best in her sport, she has to meet all the standards that society imposes. Unlike men who, in addition to not having to meet any imposed standard, can even become a standard of beauty for their talents causing many to copy their haircuts and styles.

  • The arts were inspired by Guerrilla Girl which questions the issue of women having to be naked to be inside museums, in the images I question what women need to do to be in sports.

  • The images dialogue with texts that contextualize the critique of sport and gender inequality.

  • I use the issue of medals pinned on the arm as a reference of their being tied to issues of gender inequality in sport and also often without anything to do, because if they protest and are against, they are punished, and may even be prevented from competing.

  • The tied hands also portray an issue of fetishism, of women being seen as submissive in sport.

  • The use of bikini is a criticism of sexism and exposure of women's bodies in sports, which is imposed by the media, sponsors and even organizations.

  • The use of the old ball on the head refers to how old-fashioned this behavior is. I also bring this issue as a criticism to those who say they are against changes in rules and say that this would change the sport, being that the sport has always changed and there is still a lot to change and these changes are not just of technology and materials.


Year: 2021
Technique: Photography and collage
Artist: Gabriela Delcin

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