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I used to leave the house every day in search of news and changes, I took long walks aimlessly, I did something I had never done, I went to unknown places, I created habits just to be able to undo them later, and then the COVID crisis came 19, and I came across an unexpected situation where I could no longer seek changes from the outside.
However, I continued, in my constant search for changes, I realized that I could not change my situation, all the scenarios that I could imagine to return to my normal were not just up to me, and my habits were undone, but this time, not for my decision.

But, if there's something photography has taught me, it's that the way I see the world is mine, and that was up to me to change, so I started recording everyday things in different ways, and I challenged myself to photograph a common object through different ways of seeing it, accompanied by water, because it is an element that fascinates me, its fluidity, its effects, the way it transforms and takes on new states, so essential, so common and so extraordinary and “Just a glass of water” series

And as I started to perceive this banal object in different ways, I also started to perceive aspects of my daily life in a different way, and even the way I perceive myself, “Just a glass of water” emerged as an exercise in the search for changes external, but it's changing me inside.

** All images are photos with little editing (editing only in colors and small details) the effects are given by choosing the camera configuration, for example, the first photo that resembles an illustration was taken in ISO 1600, so that the explodes and the water gains the colors of the reflection of the sky)

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