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Invisible barriers.

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The invisible barriers.
It seems so easy to breathe
We are so close to the surface
Everything is within reach

It's just things in your head
Only depends on you
You're like this because you want
Go breathe.
If you believe you will succeed
What prevents you from breathing?
Don't breathe because you don't want to
If you're drowning it was because you wanted to
If I breathe, you can also
Who ordered to enter the Water.
How much mimi

Invisible barriers are often the most difficult to overcome, break and destroy, we see this in mental illnesses, which are sometimes disrupted or taken to a spiritual side, while at the first sign of an aching foot we seek help and carry out the treatment.
In society, nothing matters what we have written in the Declarations of human rights, or our laws, we are equal before the laws, we are equal before God, but people create barriers ... racism, xenophobia, homophobia, machismo and all forms prejudice exist and prevent us from enjoying all of our rights equally.
It's not because you don't see that it doesn't exist.
It's not because you don't know it doesn't exist.
It's not because you don't feel it doesn't matter.

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