Biologically we are a species, the human species, and we have the declaration of human rights that guarantee our rights, but who are considered human in society and that really have access to those rights

Humana 01 is a beautiful girl, very happy and with a charming smile, she lived with her parents, uncles and grandparents, at the age of 6 human 01 started to be sexually abused by one of her uncles, without understanding what happened and with fear she she was silent, at 10 years old when she entered puberty she got pregnant and only then did her mother know what was happening.

Looking for her rights, her mother denounced the aggressor and took the girl who did not want to continue the pregnancy to have an abortion, however her case had been reported, doctors refused to perform the procedure, and a group of religious extremists tried illegally. prevent Humana 01 from performing the procedure, arguing that they are in favor of life, but ignoring the life of Human 01 with 10 years old who was at risk.

This is not a real story, but it could be, as these real stories show.

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