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Biologically we are a species, the human species, and we have the declaration of human rights that guarantee our rights, but who are considered human in society and that really have access to those rights

Humana 02 was a beautiful woman, born in a middle class family she dreamed of being an artist, but studied to become a doctor and follow the same path as her father, during college Humana 02 started dating her teacher who was 17 years older than she , the age difference never bothered her family, after all he was white and successful admired by many in his area, he looked like a heartthrob, they were a perfect instagram couple, nor did it seem that when they were just the two he beat human 02 and emotionally assaulted her, after more than a year of assaults human 02 took courage to end the relationship and denounce her ex boyfriend, however the denunciations did not lead to anything, nobody believed in human 02. Her ex boyfriend did not accept the end of the relationship then decided to kill the human 02.
The news of the death was a scandal, and even with all the evidence there were people who doubted the truth of the news, others who blamed the human 02 already dead for ending the life of a man.
We are a family owned and operated business.
It seems that being a woman justifies what they do to you, as if the female gender transformed the human being
on a property, belonging to those who want to, if not for themselves and in a contradictory way, be responsible for everything they do even without the freedom to make their own decisions about themselves.

This is not a real story, but it could be, as these real stories show.

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