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Photo Essays

There are several types of photo shoots with people, couples, family, friends, staff, and there are several ways to do them, external, indoor, studio, at home, but everyone intends to record in addition to people, they record in moments, feelings and emotions.

Why Do a Photo Shoot

Rehearsals can serve as a gift, as a way of recording a moment or feeling, of seeing yourself in another way, of reframing feelings and moments, which can be for self-esteem, memories, empowerment and can serve as a beautiful experience to see through the eyes of another person.

Differences from ELAS.

In addition to the photos, the experience of being photographed is an essential point that I address in my essays with people, addressing feelings and emotions, in addition to having some ready proposals I also work in co-creation with the client, understanding what are the moments and emotions that if you want to register, making the rehearsal a special and unique experience, in addition, my artistic look allows the photos to be used for decoration.

We are a family owned and operated business.

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