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I have a degree in Product Design from the Federal Institute of Education of Santa Catarina, I have a technician in Furniture; Packing; Utility; Electro-electronics and Metal Mechanics, today an Academic Master's course at the State University of Santa Catarina, My Research areas are Macro Ergonomics, Human Factors, Synesthesia and Cities, I did a teaching internship in the subject of undergraduate project with Prof. Dr. Célio Teodorico dos Santos and Prof. Dr. David Omar Nuñez Diban, I also have a PROMOB scholarship and participated as a monitor in Profa's Design and Entrepreneurship class. Dra. Gabriela Botelho Mager.


Design for me is a process that should be inserted in all processes, design training taught me to question, think and plan thinking about the real needs and impacts that I can generate.

I believe that inserting design in other areas of knowledge helps in efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction.

I am interested in the areas of design focusing on the human being, designing not only for him but with him inserted in the process, so emotional design and usability are present in my projects.




I found in photography a way of expressing myself, a way of showing people how I see the world and how I see them.

Although it is about image, I consider photography a way of not only seeing but perceiving what is around you, when you photograph you begin to perceive what you previously only saw, a capture of the space-time of the present that speaks more than a thousand words and instigates feelings and sensations.

It was also with photography that I realized that I perceived things differently, and that we all have a unique perception of the world, even if we try to standardize the way we see and feel.

I pervade several areas of photography, but the main ones are animals, nature, moments, rehearsals and commercials.


Perhaps due to the influence of Design, my artistic process thinks about the viewer, about how he will receive his experience with the work, I think about popular art, regardless of any previous knowledge about the subject or about me, but that get the person to absorb the message and get closer and be interested in art.

Although since I was a little girl I had a close relationship with and interest in art, and in a way photography was an artistic expression, it was in 2019 that I started to come out as an artist and then started experimenting.


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