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When we accept that we are a whole
We break free from the impositions of others
when we break free of our own impositions
When we stop looking in the other for the acceptance that must come from us.
it is liberating to accept all of our details, which we sometimes see as defects, but if it were not for them, we would be just perfect ordinary people, living a prospect of the fragile perfection that dissolves with time.
No one is extraordinary trying to be like the other
The extraordinary thing is being you


The essay Extraordinarily is built together, recording the details that are part of the person and that are sometimes considered defects, but that makes them extraordinary.
Finally, as the last photo of the essay, it is proposed that the person choose an object that represents their beliefs and that they place under their eyes, holding it like a binocular that shapes the way they see the world.


Extraordinarily for
Ana Luiza Milanese

Extraordinarily by Ana Luiza Milanese
Her hair covers the stains of vitiligo, her clothes are spotted on her body that appear even on the soles of her feet, which sometimes go unnoticed, but for her it is the constellations and galaxies that make up her being, where she is her own universe, it is what makes it unique.

A detail brought by Ana is that her eyes did not appear in the photos because of her words:
“Our identity goes far beyond our face, our eyes - even though they are very expressive - it derives from all of our small details. Not showing my eyes preserves my identity, allows me to explore other things that define me, changes my relationship of aversion to social networks and empowers me to be who I am or who I want to be, not what others expect of me. ”

Registration carried out in Joinville - SC

Models: Ana Luiza Milanese

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