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The materialization of the virus, with an analogy of glitter with the Covid-19 virus as a way to make people aware of the virus.

Perhaps if we could see the COVID-19 virus, it would be easier to understand the seriousness of the problem and to respect WHO recommendations. .
So you think the COVID-19 virus is like glitter.
Within that we can be divided into:
Producer: You are infected and start to produce glitter and spread it wherever you go, you don't always have the symptoms but you are producing and spreading it around. .
Pollinator: You are not infected, but you spread it, transport it to other people, every place you go you can be pollinating the glitter, and the glitter stays on clothes, hair, shoes, bags, in the air ... the glitter stays in everything. .
And just a grain of glitter is enough to infect and create a new producer. .
I took these photos at home, as a self portrait, I tried to put the glitter on my face only, but soon it spread over my body and my clothes ... I put the glitter in the bathroom and took the photo in the room, then I took a shower to remove it However, even though I moved between these two places, there was glitter in every corner of the house, there was glitter in the kitchen, in the bedroom, on my rabbit ... there was glitter on my parents' faces ... now think, think about the virus COVID-19 as if it were glitter, think, think if you want to contribute as a producer or pollinator, think. .
If possible, don't be a pollinator.
If possible stay at home.
📸 Self portrait of the quarantine deviations. .

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